In United States faith of every sort is being edged out of society and desecrated publicly daily. The internet and the social media has become a tool for mass murder of all decency as innocent and bright spiritual people are singled out and deliberately harassed by organized anti faith groups and cyber bullies of all sorts. Often to a point of great level of personal distress or business destruction, and unforgivably at times leading to suicide. These antagonists are the cyber bullies, online thugs with no soul. They believe in nothing and are nothing. Many of them disguise themselves as "militant atheists", critics, and even scientific minds, but really are terrorist with their communist ideas and are against everything that we hold sacred as human race. Their cynicism and tactics of attack, leak into our society and are absorbed by the uneducated "SpongeBob" generation who finds stupidity and other people's suffering humorous. Resulting in cyber bullying of every sort targeted now toward anybody, especially the kids. 

These people are heartless narcissists, and will do anything for a good laugh, while attacking in herds and like cowards hiding behind a computer. They are Anarchists. Since recent cyber attack on Adam Miller, a spiritual healer, we have heard from many atheist people and many believers, who all agreed in unison that the actions of these people, had nothing to do with atheism and did not represent in any way the ideals of atheism and freedom of choice. This is about : Freedom of belief for all regardless of views vs. communistic oppression of all free thought. 

We ask believers to unite, be it Christian, Muslim, Hindu, New Age, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, or whatever  to stand up for the inner strength that only faith provides and at the same time protect those who may fall into the destructive grip of these monsters. Let's put our differences aside, and stand up for belief itself. 


Let's Expose, Educate, and Prevail.