One only needs to turn on the television or their computer to see how low we have fallen as human beings.

What happened? Where did the beautiful country go which celebrated diversity, whatever happened to family values, how social media has become the breeding ground for crimes against all decency by individuals with no soul? Here we post relevant videos with clues. You be the judge yourself. Connect the dots and learn from history. 

Also learn about some key individuals who are accomplices in the same squashing of faith in America scheme. 




  • History - Militant Atheists in Soviet Union

    A video of militant atheist in Soviet Union destroyed churches and killed off any believer, regardless of their faith, pushing everyone of faith

  • Communist take over in America

    An interview with a defected KGB agent, who explains about the brain washing and demoralization methods to weaken a country. This is so true today.

  • The Thaw

    A group of young believers in America speak out about God being edged out from our society, in the short film "The Thaw".